pymongoimport - Import csv files into MongoDB

pymongoimport is a collection of python programs for importing CSV files into MongoDB.

Why do we have pymongoimport?

MongoDB already has a perfectly good (and much faster) mongoimport program that is available for free in the standard MongoDB community download.

Well pymonogoimport does a few things that mongoimport doesn’t do (yet). For people with new CSV files there is the --genfieldfile option which will automatically generate a typed field file for the specified input file. Even with a field file pymongoimport will fall back to the string type if type conversion fails on any input column.

pymongoimport allows you to use the --addlocator argument to automatically include a locator in each document that is inserted. This locator will indicate the file name and the line number of the line that was the input for the generated document.

pymongoimport also has the ability to restart an upload from the point where is finished. This restart capability is recorded in an audit collection in the current database. An audit record is stored for each upload in progress and each completed upload. Thus the audit collection gives you a record of all uploads by filename and date time.

Finally pymongoimport is more forgiving of dirty data. So if your actual data doesn’t match your field type definitions then the type converter will fall back to using a string type.

On the other hand mongoimport supports the more extensive security options of the MongoDB Enterprise Advanced product and because it is written in Go it can use threads more effectively and so is generally faster.

pymongoimport command-line programs:

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